At CartierWilson, We Represent You.
We believe an interdependent approach to the relationships of suppliers, distributors, and end users is necessary in order to solve the challenges faced in today's industrial plastics applications.

We are advisors, advocates, and partners for your business needs.

So then, who Are You?

You are an OEM, seeking cost-effective solutions from world-class manufacturers.  You seek a partner that can help you select a qualified local distributor. 

You are a fabricator, seeking expert advice from the manufacturer on how to reduce downtime and increase efficiencies.

You are a manufacturer that requires a sales force cost structure that scales with your business.  You value a partner that can increase your bottom line through smart industry consultation.  As an IAPD member, you value the distribution model and believe in representation that is focuses on bringing your product to market.

You are a manager of a distributor, requiring an advocate at manufacturers who understands the value you bring to the supply chain.  You want training, leads, and superior support from a partner that understands your local landscape.

You are a sales representative of a distributor, seeking prompt, accurate responses to your questions.  You want training on materials, allowing you to target new customers.  You want to be the acknowledged expert for your customers.

You are a designer, who needs a partner in creating new products that connect your ideas to reality with compliance and sustainability.

You are an IAPD member, who depends on volunteers to promote the future success of our industry with integrity and professionalism.

CartierWilson receiving Educational Award